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Key Technologies

  • 1、Grignard Reaction

    Grignard Reaction
  • 2、Butyl Lithium Cryogenic Reaction

    Butyl Lithium Cryogenic Reaction
  • 3、Suzuki Cross Coupling Reaction

    Suzuki Cross Coupling Reaction
  • 4、Hydrogenation (High pressure) Reaction

    Hydrogenation (High pressure) Reaction
  • 5、Diazo-Reaction

  • 6、Wittig Reaction

    Wittig Reaction
  • 7、Halogenation Reaction

    Halogenation Reaction
  • 8、Reduction Reaction

    Reduction Reaction
  • 9、Oxidation Reaction

    Oxidation Reaction
  • 10、Wolff-Kishner Reduction

    Wolff-Kishner Reduction

Manufacturing Ability

Ningxia Sionstar has 3 large-scale production workshops,with a floor area of 35000 square meters.It has more than 200 sets of 1000L-6300L large-scale reaction equipment such as  high temperature,high pressure,low temperature and ultra-low temperature,which can meet the reaction conditions temperature - 90 ℃ - 220 ℃  and pressure 0.6Mpa-10Mpa,and has the capacity of producing more than 1000 tons of fine chemicals annually.

Ultra low temperature capacity:

Total reactor volume: 26000L

Production lines:  8

Reactor volume:  90

Main reactor: 1000L-5000L

Reaction temp: - 90 ℃

Cooperation Mode

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